How to set your life on fire

Tuesday June 8th – 17:00

The mind is very complex. Everybody is walking around with his or her  mind 24/7. It is not something that you can switch off or let rest when you want to.

Also, the mind can cause a great deal of suffering to people and you can be aware or unaware of this.

In this Webinar we explain the mind in very simple components to give you a basic understanding on how it actually works. 

It will answer some of your questions like:

  • Why am I making the same mistakes again?
  • How come me or other people react irrationally and later come to their senses on why they the hell they acted like that?
  • What is the single source of pain and suffering?
  • Which part of your mind contains the most of your potential? How can it be developed?
  • How come you can’t keep yourself from doing things you know are bad for you?
  • And many more.

So if you finally want to understand your own mind and your own behavior, or just the behavior of others, come to this webinar and understand How the Mind Works!

Entrance: free.

Duration: 40-60 minuten.