Saturday September 11th – 14:00

Very few people in this world are not affected in their lives by mental barriers. Feeling trapped in a mental barrier is extremely frustrating and can greatly influence your personal and your professional life. It occupies the mind as it tries to analyze why it is happening. Ultimately you have never asked to be like this. 

Furthermore, not being able to act or think like you know should be possible, can even become a nightmare. For instance, not been able to say what you want, react in a way you don’t like yourself, thinking you are not good enough, stage freight, being emotional or just becoming too nervous when it is definitely not the moment to be like that, just to name a few. 
This results in loss of motivation in life, you start to behave in a way which is not you or you have an overall tendency to withdraw from life.
Come to the webinar “How to break through mental barriers” and find out where mental barriers are coming from and what can be done about them. Not to live with them but find out what the source of them is. It is possible to be more yourself and have a life where you can use your abilities. 

Entrance: free.
Duration: 30-45 minutes.