How to get your life back on track

Wednesday September 29th – 20:00

Life with all of its facets can unbalance someone. This occurs often with people, regardless of where they are in life. You run all over the place and have the feeling you are always busy, while at the end of the day you are completely exhausted and hardly have any energy left to do anything.

In addition, you can start to wonder about things that you cannot decide upon and thus not make any in progress in life. There are questions that continue to bother you, especially if your life does not go as you want it to go, but also when you are not satisfied with your life.

Come to the free webinar “How to get your life back on track” and find out how you can get your life back in order or learn how you can help others with this. It will give you tools that you immediately can apply in life.

Entrance: free.

Duration: 40-60 minuten.