Hoe goed en bewust kun je worden

Sunday 4 april – 21:00 & 
Monday 5 april – 21:00

Be yourself. Come back to yourself. Listen to your heart. Restoring your inner compass. These are all phrases commonly used these days, but they are sometimes easier said than done. 

In eastern philosophy there is a lot of knowledge on how to live with mindfulness and in that way deal very consciously with the various aspects of life. 

However, it is not always easy. There seem to be impenetrable barriers that make it hard living from a pure ‘self’. That this has something to do with the ‘bagage’ we are carrying around from the past is clear to many. But how far back does this bagage go? Past lives? 

The concept of past lives and and reincarnation is a very old and more natural concept than the relatively new Western materialistic concept that ‘man is an anmimal’ and lives only once. 

But how do you solve possible deep spiritual and mental blocks? 

Find out in this special webinar by Marie Jose. 

Access: free

Duration: 30-40 minutes