Study Tech

Saturday 26 February – 14:00

Study and learning we normally do for our education. But actually everything we want to learn is through study!

But have we ever been taught how to study in the first place??

Most of us did not learn that, however we learn everything through study. So people come up with various ways on how to study something, yet they don’t always seem to work that well.

And then there are also a lot of difficulties during our study. Once we start working we realize that we still need to learn things or study things for our work.

Well I have good news for you, because there is a way to study well and learn anything you want to and also understand it. I am going to share that with you in this webinar! Find out for yourself and resolve all your difficulties in your learning and study and get to know the most effective way!

Entrance: free.
Duration: 60-90 minutes.