physical or mental

Saturday 23 April – 14:00

We are all about dieting and more physical exercise. Actually, in a surveyed top 10 New Year’s Resolutions, you won’t find anything about mental health. Yet Mental Health is very important, equally or even more! Yes, we know that if we are physically in a good shape we feel we can achieve more, yet somebody with a physically healthy body can still feel depressed or miserable. And we know also people who seem to be mentally in a good shape who don’t care so much about their physical fitness.

And even now in these times, our mental states have come under more and more and more duress. In a European survey conducted between September and December 2020, 51% of the respondents stated that their mental health had become worse since the outbreak, and 57% experienced a decline in their mood.

So what would we choose? Would we go for physical health rather than Mental Health? And if we choose Mental Health, how do we improve it?

Find out in this special New Year’s webinar!

Entrance: free.

Duration: 50-60 minuten.