Saturday September 4th – 14:00

We all know that people who are good in communicating are popular. They enter a room and people hang on to every word they speak. But what is it that they do? Is it native to the personality? Or is it something you can learn?

There are mistakes one can make in talking to people or listening to them. Basic laws exist on the subject. Of course one can also get so introverted on the subject that everything you say may look wrong to you.

It can also be that there all kinds of bad things happening in your personal life and that you think bad about yourself and maybe you think you will never be able to be ’that person’ who can communicate well.

But fact is, there ARE things you just need to know about this subject. These things will help you immediately to improve your life and to create better relationships.

What are these tools? And what are the traps of communication? Find out in this webinar.

Entree: free.
Duration: 30-45 minutes.


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