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L. Ron Hubbard describes in this book that seventeenths of life are work, one-tenths of family, one-tenths of politics, and one-tenths of recreation. Here Scientology is applied to that seventh of existence, including the answers to Exhaustion and the Secret of Effectiveness. It also contains the analysis of life itself - a game consisting of exact rules. Know them and you will succeed. The Problems of Work contains a technology that cannot be ignored and that can be applied directly to the workaday world.

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Seven-tenths of life consists of work, one-tenth of family, one-tenth of politics and one-tenth of relaxation. Here Scientology is applied to that seventh of existence.

The Problems of the Working Man contains the main principles and laws that apply to every pursuit of man and every problem at work. We are talking about the discoveries that reveal the essence of these problems and reveal the structure that makes up life itself.

The breakthroughs described here include:

  • The Anatomy of Confusion - and how to handle such things
  • The Principle of the Stable Data - the most essential law of work, but also of life
  • The Anatomy of Control - and how to turn “bad control” into good control
  • The Anatomy of Life as a Game - and the rules by which it is played
  • The "Secret" of Effectiveness
  • The most essential elements of the life - Affinity, Reality and Communication
  • And lastly, the underlying cause of Exhaustion, with the powerful Scientology processes that allow the energy of youth to return

Here one finds not only the technology with which stability can be brought to the workplace, , but also the magical processes to bring joy back to all aspects of life. . This is Scientology.

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